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Are you happy and content with life or do you sometimes wish for more? More time, more money, more energy, more meaning. Do you have thoughts or behaviours which hold you back from having the life you want? Are you feeling stuck or lacking confidence? Do you ever have feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or depression? Remembering who you truly are can sometimes be difficult in stressful situations. Smiling through tears takes courage, and seeing a rainbow at the end of a storm sometimes needs support.

Using a combination of Holistic Counselling, NLP Coaching and Techniques, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy we will work together to uncover what is holding you back, and create a plan of action to set and reset, your bright future-focused personal and professional goals.

Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis is a natural state of deeply relaxed human consciousness. Have you ever driven home and not remembered the route you took? Has someone tried to get your attention while you watched TV and you didn’t hear or notice them? You were hypnotised.

Hypnotherapy assists with Stress Management, Habitual Problems, Healthy Weight, Stop Smoking, Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem, Performance Enhancement, Relaxation and Better Sleep.

Focuses on the use of universal life force energy being channelled via the hands to the client to restore health and wellbeing. Energy is channelled by a light touch or by hands hovering just above the physical body. You may feel warmth or a tingling sensation during the treatment and most people say they feel extremely relaxed after a session.

Uses the frequencies of sound produced by a combination of Tibetan singing bowls, bells and chakra chimes placed on and around the body. The tones envelope you in a swathe of warm resonance, allowing you to become one with the sound vibration. In this relaxing state you are slowing down your brainwaves, shifting energy blockages and balancing your chakras.

Channels universal life force energy via hand held crystal wands into smaller crystals placed on and around the body to form crystal grids. The crystalline energy of each stone vibrates at varying rates dependent on its type and structure of the crystal. When activated the crystals stimulate a clearing and re-balancing of our chakras. You may experience deep inner peace and a letting go of past negative emotions.

Sound, Crystal and Reiki sessions have a deeply calming effect on stressed people. Therefore they are useful for clients suffering from fertility issues, chronic pain, cancer, stress related illnesses, mild depression and anxiety.

Please note none of the Holistic Services, Therapies, Information or Guidance provided in the workshops, treatments or session substitutes for any medical diagnosis or medication prescribed by a qualified medical authority. I am not a qualified medical doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist, and I do not have any authorisation to issue any medicines of any kind.