Hello and Welcome to Elysian Beings.

In mythology - the Elysian Fields was said to be a paradise where those chosen by the gods would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life, free to indulge in whatever past times they had enjoyed whilst alive.

Elysian Beings, Sydney As human beings we have four bodies - the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. When all four bodies are balanced and in harmony, we are truly healthy and whole beings - Elysian Beings. I believe we can all be Elysian Beings, capable of creating the life we want for ourselves in the here and now.

I hold a healing space which can support you to move forward with grace. I will work with you, encouraging you to take ownership of your circumstances and help you step into your light and personal power - effectively being your own guru.

If you are ready to take the next step towards creating the life you want, a life filled with purpose, love, health, wealth and happiness, I am ready to assist you.
Get ready to sparkle,
Trudy Fairweather

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