Welcome to Elysian Beings
In classical mythology, the Elysian Fields was said to be a paradise where those chosen by the gods would remain after death, blessed and happy, free to indulge in the past times they had enjoyed while alive. The final resting place of the heroic and the pure.

Today "Elysian" has come to mean any place or state of bliss or delight.

Elysian Beings: Holistic Training and Therapy provides industry-approved, evidence-based training in wellbeing therapies as part of our private college based in Queanbeyan, with training delivered throughout the Eden-Monaro Region of New South Wales Australia. We also offer professional therapeutic consultations and workshops provided online via zoom.

Our healing techniques and modalities are designed to assist your wellbeing on every level – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. When these four elements of life are balanced and in harmony, we are truly healthy and whole beings – Elysian Beings.

At Elysian Beings, we believe everybody can create the life they want for themselves here and now.

If you seek to take the next step towards building a life filled with health and happiness, love and peace, we are qualified and ready to assist you in creating lasting positive change for yourself and those around you. Focus on the light within and create the life you desire x

Trudy Fairweather
Director Training & Therapy

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